My Heartburn Journey

This last week I read a blog about the move of the prescription heartburn and GERD medications to over the counter (OTC). I had not really thought about it –the “it” being the warnings given with a prescription drug not moving over to the same medicine OTC. . . . → Read More: My Heartburn Journey


Just because you are stubborn does not mean that you are the one who knows what is right.  It means you may be closed minded and unwilling to learn something new about yourself.  This can lead to an argumentative personality which means others may not want to discuss their feelings or thoughts with you.  This . . . → Read More: Stubborn?

Do you need to have a Hard Conversation?

Are you stuck in your life’s path?

A lot of us feel stuck in life.  No “light at the end of the tunnel”.  Maybe we do not feel like we are able to change things in our lives.  Just plain stuck.

Usually when we feel like we are stuck in our lives, we really need . . . → Read More: Do you need to have a Hard Conversation?

Create Your Own Path

I am re-reading the beginning of our book which has been on hold for awhile.  This is the beginning of the book, which I can say makes me think about my own path.  Let us know what you think.

As we start trying to become healthier and wealthier, we should look at how the way . . . → Read More: Create Your Own Path

Carrot Juice (from raw, organic, non-GMO carrots)

Lately, I have heard that there are many, many health benefits to eating raw vegetables and fruits. This post will deal with the health benefits of eating carrots. Well, not raw carrots – unless you need the additional fiber or you jaws and teeth need strengthening exercises. I will be writing about carrot juice and . . . → Read More: Carrot Juice (from raw, organic, non-GMO carrots)

Truth Test: Prudential TV Commercial on Retirement

Any financial planner will tell this is a nice amount of spending money, but as a retirement fund in the year 2054, it is no way close to being sufficient to retire on. . . . → Read More: Truth Test: Prudential TV Commercial on Retirement

Unintentional Collateral Damage

Forgiveness is the key ingredient. First, we must find a way to forgive ourselves. Otherwise resentment, anger and bitterness will find their way into our life. This will destroy our lives. Forgiveness is the necessary element to healing and happpiness. . . . → Read More: Unintentional Collateral Damage

Conventional Medicine vs. Naturopath

In the last six months, my husband has developed rheumatoid arthritis.  He is 45, reasonably healthy, not overweight and the rheumatoid arthritis hit him like a mack truck.

A little back story; my husband started noticing joint pain in his thumbs and shoulder about 6 months ago.  When he told his conventional doctor, the doctor . . . → Read More: Conventional Medicine vs. Naturopath

Confession of a Coconut Hater

My dear wife, who loves coconut, found a grade and source of coconut that contains the health benefits without the taste or smell that I do not like. I now use a teaspoon of this oil in my first cup of coffee. . . . → Read More: Confession of a Coconut Hater

Lost in the flood

It has been a long time since I have posted. And it is hard for me to do so now. I have been struggling with events in my life as of late: disillusionment with my current position in life, fear of choices I have made, a need for advancement and resolution. It has been pointed . . . → Read More: Lost in the flood