Lost in the flood

It has been a long time since I have posted. And it is hard for me to do so now. I have been struggling with events in my life as of late: disillusionment with my current position in life, fear of choices I have made, a need for advancement and resolution. It has been pointed . . . → Read More: Lost in the flood

Middle Ground

Two People are walking.  One says, “I will only turn right.” The other says, “I will only turn left.”  So in this way each always ends up where they began and never really gets anywhere.

This is the state of politics today.  Not only in political office, but also in everyday thought, belief and interaction.  . . . → Read More: Middle Ground

Weather is weather.

First let me point out that I realize that snow in a goodly portion of the world is non-existent.  I know this. Now, that being said –

It perplexes me when people complain about the weather. I wrote last week about complaining, even if it was brief.  It is January, and that means it snows . . . → Read More: Weather is weather.

Grocery Store Wisdom

I am called “Sunshine” by a number of my managers at work.  I believe that I have worked hard to earn this nickname.  A nickname should be earned, for good or ill.  I am not always sunshiny, how could I possibly be?  Life gives us all rain and snow and I am no different.  But . . . → Read More: Grocery Store Wisdom

Here Comes the Flood!

Our store is going through a remodel.  Inevitably, this evokes complaints: “Why are you changing things? Didn’t you just do this?”; “If you change the store one more time, I’m not shopping here anymore.”; “I just figured out where everything is, and you change it!”.  About 1/3 of my customers have reactions like this.  Another . . . → Read More: Here Comes the Flood!

Why we are only happy when it rains.

I read Cracked a lot.  I like laughing while I find out things I didn’t know about before.  I was wondering how I could breach a subject I have not touched on before and exactly what that subject would be as I was deciding on what to bring to you fine folks today, when I . . . → Read More: Why we are only happy when it rains.

Aloneness and Knotted Thoughts

Sometimes I feel alone.  So very alone.  I live in a house with at least 4 other people, and as many as 7 when my kids are here.  But I still feel alone.  I work in a grocery store and I find that I like the shifts when I can interact with many customers, and . . . → Read More: Aloneness and Knotted Thoughts

The Myth of Marginalization

I have always thought of myself in the margins of society, in the minority in my beliefs, on the edge of the majority.  This is a myth. A myth perpetuated by what we see and hear on the television, radio, internet and in the movie theaters.  What we read in the newspapers and magazines.  The . . . → Read More: The Myth of Marginalization

Conflict and Tao 4: Johnny Lee Clary


I have written about conflict before.  The above video is exactly what I said in those articles.  So many people out there are looking for conflict.  They want to start a fight.  They feel miserable about themselves and wish to spread it all around.  I run into these people all of the time.  . . . → Read More: Conflict and Tao 4: Johnny Lee Clary



I work in a grocery store.  And I hate plastic bags and bottled water.  We have pallets of plastic bags for your convenience and aisles packed with water in cheap plastic bottles that break if you look at them wrong and spill water all over the floor.  Every night, I stock these plastic . . . → Read More: Plastic