Collapsing House

Naoshige, the founder of the Nabeshima clan, spoke to his grandson Motoshige, “Whether it is high or low, the house and the clan will collapse when its time comes. At that moment, if you resist the course, a foul collapse will result. If you are aware the time has come, you had better let your . . . → Read More: Collapsing House

Blaming Others is Easy… If You Want to be in Control, Blame Yourself

It is easy to blame other people when your life does not go the way you might want it to go. The lack of control of the situation around you can be infuriating. I recently suffered through my girlfriend of two and a half years ending our relationship. She was scared of my temper, which . . . → Read More: Blaming Others is Easy… If You Want to be in Control, Blame Yourself


Have you ever felt those moments of pure simple bliss? The feeling that nothing else in the world matters. The sense of oneness with everything and everyone. A sense of solace and peace.

Those moments come from the little things, the simple things. Like listening to a particularly liked song, doing something that you love . . . → Read More: Bliss

Don’t Ask “What If?”, Ask “How?”

Thinking positively can be difficult at times. My former manager told me think “how” instead of “what if”. I think this is a great example of how to think positively. It eliminates the thought of failure from your head and provides the ideal mindset to get things done.

For example, if i wanted to get . . . → Read More: Don’t Ask “What If?”, Ask “How?”

The Ganzfeld Effect – How to Trick Your Mind With Nothing at All

Perception is a tricky thing. It can be tricked by some of the simplest things. Visual perception is among the easiest to trick. There is a phenomenon called the Ganzfeld Effect that tricks your visual perception into hallucinations. The Ganzfeld Effect happens when your visual field isn’t stimulated enough, for example being in a pitch . . . → Read More: The Ganzfeld Effect – How to Trick Your Mind With Nothing at All

What is Reality

What is reality? What defines it? What makes it what it is? The answer is our own perceptions. They shape reality like artist to clay. One view on this reality is solipsism, another, or rather the exact opposite is realism. Both of which I will expand upon in future posts.

Both realism and solipsism are . . . → Read More: What is Reality

Are You Wasting Your Life?

After messing about on YouTube, I wondered how much time I waste on TV and internet related activities and come to the conclusion that my life pretty much revolves around them. I play hours of videos games a day, and I enjoy doing that.

Ironically, I started this thought process after watching a video by . . . → Read More: Are You Wasting Your Life?


The food additive and preservative TBHQ has more in common with lighter fluid than it does with our food. Its name is actually tertiary butylhydroquinon and is derived from butane. Is greatly enhances the shelf life of food and is supposedly a powerful antioxidant. As well as its uses in food and is in . . . → Read More: TBHQ

Fears vs. Phobias

Fears and phobias are not the same thing though they are used interchangeably for the same thing.

Fears are what we think of when we think fear; the uncomfortable feeling we get around a specific place, situation, animal etc…

Phobias are extreme fears that interrupt behavior. They generally cause panic and sometimes . . . → Read More: Fears vs. Phobias


Life has its up’s and its downs, it varies and is painful sometimes. It is inexplicable and indescribable, but also a gift, something treasured that everyone deserves, even with all the difficulty and hardship faced in it.

Hardship and difficulty has always been a part of life and always will be. The difficulty life gives . . . → Read More: Life