Returning to the Path – Don’t Lose Your Goal

I have a diet that works for me. It fits my appetite, I feel great while I’m sticking to it, and I lose fat and gain lean muscle while I’m on it. It’s the slow-carb diet, I’ve written about it before and highly recommend it. This post is not about the slow-carb diet, but about . . . → Read More: Returning to the Path – Don’t Lose Your Goal

Finding Focus

One of the reasons I have been having such a hard time posting lately is a lack of focus. Focus is a fragile and limited resource. It can be shattered by the ring of a phone or beep of an email and then your idea is gone, your train of thought is derailed.

I used . . . → Read More: Finding Focus

Break Your Resolution – Replace it with a Measurable Goal

When I make new years resolutions, two or three weeks in I am either discouraged that I haven’t been able to hold myself to them or I am getting pretty tired of them and am ready to break them. If you feel the same, I encourage you to take a different tact on resolutions. They . . . → Read More: Break Your Resolution – Replace it with a Measurable Goal

My 6 Favorite Places to Learn New Stuff

I was an underachiever. I tested well, but I didn’t want to learn outside of school. If I had applied myself, I could have easily had my choice of school. But, I had a hard time seeing the point. Now, twelve years after I graduated from high school, I wish I had applied myself. . . . → Read More: My 6 Favorite Places to Learn New Stuff

Too Many Benefits to List – Kefir may be the Best Probiotic

Has anyone tried kimchi, yet? If not, that’s okay, it’s not the most accessible food. I have something else for you to try to boost your digestive system: Kefir. It’s a yogurt-like beverage, similar in taste and that it’s usually made from dairy products. But it’s better than yogurt in at least a few . . . → Read More: Too Many Benefits to List – Kefir may be the Best Probiotic

Passion and Inspiration

You may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t posted in a few weeks. I’ve started posts and left them incomplete. I think the reason is that I’ve been short on one of the most important resources for regular blog posting: inspiration.

I think of inspiration in a similar fashion to the way they . . . → Read More: Passion and Inspiration

Superfood Kimchi

When South Korea was preparing to send their first citizen to space, a group of scientists were dedicated to one important task. Create a bacteria free version of kimchi for that citizen to bring with him. It took a couple years, but when it was done the Korean computer scientist that was going to . . . → Read More: Superfood Kimchi

Obesity isn’t a Disease

I live in Colorado. We’re the “fittest” state in the US, but still one in five Coloradans are considered obese. I agree entirely that there is an obesity epidemic in this country. But, in June, the American Medical Association proclaimed that obesity is a disease. I have a hard time agreeing with this conclusion, as . . . → Read More: Obesity isn’t a Disease

Enhance Your Coffee

My friend David started to do something strange to his coffee. He loads it up with a bunch of grass-fed butter and coconut oil, almond oil, and maybe some cinnamon and cayenne pepper, then blends it up until it’s all incorporated. He said it was amazing. I like my coffee strong and black. I feel . . . → Read More: Enhance Your Coffee

The Importance of Probiotics

Supermarkets have been flooded with new products that claim to increase your probiotic population. Yogurts and pills filled with bifidus acidophilus and lactobacillus. How did we survive without these products. It turns out that we in general didn’t have to worry – our habits made it easy to keep a healthy bacteria population and . . . → Read More: The Importance of Probiotics