MS, the Pacific Northwest and Vitamin D

I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I live in the land of rain and gray.  While I love how green my surroundings are, the lack of sunshine can be a real downer.  Now the direct correlation between the lack of sun and auto-immune diseases especially Multiple Sclerosis, is down right depressing.

” MS is a chronic, unpredictable . . . → Read More: MS, the Pacific Northwest and Vitamin D

Live Like Royalty – Royal Jelly

Honey has been a staple of the human diet since caveman days. It’s one of the few sweeteners that can actually be healthy. But, honey is food for common bees. The queen bee lives fifty of her subjects’ lifetimes and lays up to three thousand eggs. The reason? She receives royal jelly for her entire . . . → Read More: Live Like Royalty – Royal Jelly

Time To Give Ginseng Another Try

I took ginseng in the past. I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic after high school and I heard that ginseng was something that helped with that. But, I found a change in diet was far more effective. I haven’t taken it since then, but I recently heard that it has so many more uses and . . . → Read More: Time To Give Ginseng Another Try

Green Coffee Bean Extract: The newest diet fad

What Dr. Oz says must be true right? I realize I am taking my own life into my hands by making that sarcastic statement but here I go…

In 2012, Dr. Oz came out and said  “You may think that magic is make believe, but this little bean has scientist saying they found the magic . . . → Read More: Green Coffee Bean Extract: The newest diet fad

Remember your health during the holidays

I love this time of year!  Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts are the high points.  But the added feeling of unhealthiness is a low point for sure.

Spices and herbs are an easy way to combat the unhealthiness.  As we prepare our feasts, we must not forget the healing and delicious properties of the herbs and . . . → Read More: Remember your health during the holidays

Vinegar, the wonder solution

“Vinegar is a liquid substance consisting mainly of acetic acid (CH3CO2H) and water, the acetic acid being produced through the fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria.” (1)

Vinegar has long been used for cleaning, eating and first aid but the health and environmental benefits are nothing short of awesome!  With the variety of vinegar, the variety of uses is constantly increasing.  Distilled white . . . → Read More: Vinegar, the wonder solution


Chromium is a mineral that assists in the body’s ability to use insulin to convert carbohydrates to energy.  Although unverified conclusively, there are some claims that taking chromium supplements will help treat diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

The amount of chromium that we require in our bodies is very small.  A healthy adult . . . → Read More: Chromium

The Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is the common name for Vitamin H or co-enzyme R. It is in the B-Complex of vitamins. It is essential to the proper functioning of your body. . . . → Read More: The Benefits of Biotin

Upgrade Your Fish Oil to Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Fish oil has come into a bit of a renaissance in the last few years. I talked about krill oil being a better alternative a couple weeks back. But, your everyday fish or krill oil pales in nutritional comparison to its ancestral roots. This is because up until relatively recently the only fish oil on . . . → Read More: Upgrade Your Fish Oil to Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Super Spice Turmeric

Whole fresh turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful spice. Its pungent flavor is necessary to curry and its bright yellow color is what gives yellow mustard its color. But, what makes turmeric powerful is its apparent health properties.

Turmeric, or Curcuma longa, is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can be used to reduce the effects of . . . → Read More: Super Spice Turmeric