Your Path to Healthy Balance

Our mission is to help you find your balance and achieve your most awesome self. Your health is an critical part of the balancing act that is awesomeliness.

A quick overview of what we think you need to be healthy:

  • A diet that restricts processed foods, including refined carbohydrates. Food should be whole, local, organic, seasonal, and overall responsibly created.
  • A diet that fits your lifestyle. People trying to build muscle should not be eating the same diet as people trying to lose weight. Young and old folks should eat differently. Conditions and diseases should also effect diet (e.g. food combining diets tend to help sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome, cancer patients need to get more antioxidants). The human body, however, tends to perform better if it is feed diets high in fat, protein, and fiber rather than high in carbohydrates.
  • Regular exercise that focuses on cardiovascular health and/or muscle building and toning. Weight loss is rarely a result of exercise; diet is the main factor in weight control.
  • Most importantly: A healthy outlook on life. You can’t feel healthy without thinking healthy.

Further reading on your path to health awesomeliness:

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