Are Doctors Treating the Symptoms or the Disease?

Through my recent research into my own personal nutrition, I’ve come to a realization: America’s obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease epidemics are not individual diseases. They are symptoms, all of the same disease.

This disease is a metabolic disorder, and despite what the FDA and USDA will tell you, it is caused by diet. You can’t exercise it away. Surgery and medicine simply treat the symptoms leaving the disease intact.

Diet is the cause and cure of this metabolic disorder. There is one way of eating that will cause you to get the disease, one that is high in sugar, starch, refined and processed foods. There is another way of eating that will prevent, and even reverse, the disease, one that is full of whole foods, vegetables, proteins, and even fats.

A recent study has shown that type 2 diabetes can actually be reversed with diet, despite what doctors previously thought. The reason this works is that the diet severely restricts the things that are causing the metabolic disorder, not the things that are causing the diabetes.


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