Awesome Alternatives to Canola Oil

Since the awareness of Trans Fat has hit the consumer market, Canola Oil has become the staple for restaurants, grocery stores and advertisers.  The truth about Canola Oil is:

“…the word “Canola” was invented to describe a new type of oilseed that was selectively bred from the original rapeseed to have significantly less erucic acid. This new oil was first developed in Canada, and the name Canola actually comes from the term, Canadian oil, low acid. In nature, there is actually no such thing as a “Canola plant” that produces “Canola oil.””  And  “While the original Canola was created through basic laboratory breeding and selection techniques, a major modification in 1995 introduced Canola that was genetically engineered to contain bacterial DNA to make it resistant to the toxic herbicide, Roundup.

Genetically modified crops are made in the lab from combining the DNA of two or more different species that cannot naturally reproduce together (like tuna and tomatoes). Such Franken-food could never occur in nature, even by random mutation. In fact, most Canola oil today comes from genetically engineered seed so far deviated from natural rapeseed that it can be patented.

Today, about 82 percent of the world’s Canola crop is genetically engineered to resist Roundup. The Roundup-Ready Canola seed is patented by Monsanto, and farmers can be sued for saving the seed or for having “unauthorized” Canola plants on their fields.

The alternatives are made in smaller batches because they are not highly processed, they come from plants that we know  from their names.

  • Grapeseed Oil: is wonderful for high heat cooking.  Has a neutral taste and is made from… grape seeds.
  • Avocado Oil: is flavorful like olive oil and is fantastic for you! It has a high smoking point and is great for sauteing and making salad dressings.
  • Coconut Oil: We have written about Coconut Oil a lot so you can visit for more info. We are definite fans!
  • Hemp Oil: A good alternative for salad dressings and dipping.  (It won’t get you high.)
  • Almond Oil: This oil also has a high smoking point and can add delicious flavors to salads.

Here are couple amazing sites to research more oils.

While I realize that restaurants and food manufacturers are probably not going to stop using canola oil but in our homes and at small, local establishments, we can encourage the use of alternative oils.

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