Bee Pollen, an all inclusive health benefit.

In the family of the last article we posted on , Allergy? Hay Fever?,  the subject of bee pollen came up as a remedy for seasonal allergies.

What is bee pollen?  “Honeybees flit flower to flower collecting hundreds, sometimes millions of pollen grains from a single flower that adhere to the tiny hairs on the back of their hind legs while secreting a sticky substance from their stomach to help pack the pollen into granules. Carrying two granules at a time they travel back to the hive with their bounty and feed it to their young.”

Bee pollen is full of protein, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and trace amounts of minerals.  It can increase energy (vitamin B), boost the digestive system (healthy enzymes), support cardiovascular health (antioxidants), sooth skin irritations and build immunity to histamines which are the primary cause of allergies.

It is VERY important that you know if you have bee allergies or severe pollen allergies!  Because bee pollen is a combination of both pollen and bees, a strong allergic reaction to either of these could bring on anaphylactic shock. It is also very important to know where your bee pollen comes from, researching local hives and beekeepers is your best bet.  Asking key questions about the bees and the flowers they pollinate is also very important.  Are there chemical pesticides used?  How is the pollen collected and stored?

Bee pollen is now available in the natural sections of grocery stores but usually that pollen comes from other countries. The best way to find local honey is at your farmer’s markets and local co-ops. Researching local beekeepers on this site  The purpose of localized bee pollen is to combat localized allergies.  My personal example, I grew up in Colorado without allergies and when I moved to Washington, developed allergies.  In my opinion, armed with this bee information, if I had started taking local bee pollen and eating local honey, my allergies here in Washington would have dissipated.


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