Benefits of Breathing

As stated in one of our posts on May 18, 2011 by Nathan, you can use breathing techniques to control or lower your stress levels and relax.  Check out Take a Breath and Relax.

Recently, my wife and I were in a class and the subject that day was none other than BREATHE.  It was a video produced by followed by a discussion.

The short video hit the more typical breath exercise technique uses: relaxation, meditation, etc.  But, added some meaning behind breathing.  If you are a spiritual person, breath has the meaning of the Spirit of God.  If you are or are not necessarily spiritually minded, breathing exercises can be used to increase energy, used to focus your energy, used to remove negative thoughts, used to re-balance your nervous system, used to reduce bursts of adrenaline created energy or nervous energy, used to control anxiety, used to releasing muscle tensions, used for athletics, used for having a baby, used for singing, used for speaking, used for playing musical instruments, and not the least of benefits it is used to live.

There are many sources to learn breathing techniques:  yoga, meditation, guided imagery, progressive body scan, muscle relaxation, deep breathing, thought changes, visualization, rapid breathing, and many more.

Breathing can solve a lot of mental, spiritual, and physical maladies.

There are very helpful resources online or in print.

You can also find groups to join such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, prayer, etc.

Check out:


Breathing Exercises


Hatha Yoga or Tai Chi



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