Chocolate better for your teeth than fluoride?

Chocolate better for your teeth than fluoride.  Can this be?  Yes, it is true!!  A study done and presented to the American Dental Association (ADA) pitted a new toothpaste containing theobromine, a naturally-occurring cacao extract, against fluoride toothpaste.  The study tested which toothpaste” better repaired and re-mineralized exposed dentin (the tissue that makes up the bulk of your teeth below the enamel).

Did you know that fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product?  It is added to most municipal water supplies, most toothpastes and mouthwashes to decrease tooth decay, but does it really work?  Once again, we are putting a toxic substance into our bodies when there are much better ways.  In a study published in the journal Langmuir, it was shown that the layer of protection provided by fluoride, the fluorapatite layer, is a mere six nanometers thick!  10,000 of these layers equal the width of one strand of your hair!  That is protection????  Also, this layer disappears with chewing!  We also need to be aware that you are suppose to call poison control if you ingest a quarter milligram of fluoride.  There can be that much in one glass of water!

Now to the chocolate toothpaste—The study showed that patients who brushed their teeth with the cacao-extract toothpaste twice a day for one week had “100 percent dental occlusion” with their tooth dentin becoming re-mineralized or repaired. According to a press release:
“The comparison to toothpastes containing fluoride – one as much as 5,000 ppm [parts per million] – validates what our research has shown all along: that Rennou [the cocoa extract] … is more effective and safer than fluoride, which can be toxic if ingested.”


Past research has also shown that the chocolate ingredient theobromine works better than fluoride. When lesions in artificial enamel were treated with theobromine, remineralization occurred at a greater rate than when they were treated with fluoride. The study found, in fact, that “theobromine made teeth less vulnerable to bacterial acid erosion that could lead to cavities.”

I have not been using a fluoride toothpaste for over a year now and have found that I feel better now that I am not ingesting any of the fluoride toothpaste.  I was using a fluoride free commercial toothpaste and doing oil pulling.  I realized I was not doing very well in continuing to do the oil pulling and then I ran out of the toothpaste.  My son said, “I just brush with coconut oil.” I have been brushing with coconut oil which I really like, but when I read this article, I tried to find the chocolate toothpaste.  So far the only one I could find on the market is THEODENT.  It is quite pricey and hard to find. It is sold on Amazon, their website and select Whole Foods.  They have three products ranging from $9.99-$99.99 per tube.  The adult toothpaste that is $9.99 is sold out.

***Just a cautionary note.  Amazon sells a children’s toothpaste called Cha Cha Chocolate which is not fluoride free.  Be very careful buying children’s flavored toothpastes because they will want to swallow it and they should not!

To read more about this study and alternative to fluoride toothpaste here are the links.


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