Clean Labels – The Ingredient List Will Tell the Real Story

With consumers being more aware of what is on a food ingredient label, companies have now started to be more aware as well.  While not all labels are “clean” meaning without preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and usually with the dreaded high fructose corn syrup, most manufacturers these days are actually paying attention to the consumer needs.  Just as the consumer, you, should pay attention to the labels.

Things to beware of:

Partially Hydrogenated ANYTHING! These 2 words means that whatever the original thing was that had to be processed was not good for you from the start and they had process it heavily before it became edible.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is as processed as they come and is used both as a preservative and sweetener.  There are commercials out there that will tell you that it is just like sugar. It is not!

Bleached or refined flours and sugars have been processed to be made to look white; the first word explains it all.

There are many other things on labels, that as a consumer, you should be aware of but your best bet is to by local as no preservatives are needed, buy fresh and whole foods and to shop the perimeter of the grocery stores and markets, that is where the most perishable i.e. the fresher foods are found.

For an extensive list of what “unclean” labels contain:


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