Confession of a Coconut Hater


I have never liked the taste, smell or feel (on my tongue) of coconut either in other foods or on its own. In fact, I so much dislike it those that know me tease me whenever they can and even challenge me to see if I can taste it or smell it. I would not be honest if I told you that I have never eaten coconut. I have, but either reluctantly or under extreme politeness.

Lately, this has been really bothering me, given the abundance of news that coconut oil is so beneficial to our health and our mental acuity.

My dear wife, who loves coconut, found a grade and source of coconut that contains the health benefits without the taste or smell that I do not like.  I now use a teaspoon of this oil in my first cup of coffee.  Hopefully this will benefit me mentally.

For those of you like me who want the health benefits but not the traditional coconut taste or smell you can find it here:


For those of you who want to know what health benefits coconut oil has, check this out:



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