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Copper bracelets, Ionized bracelets, Magnetized bracelets

Do they benefit your health?

 Have there been any studies to find out?  Yes, but not very many and those that have been published (mostly in the U.K. and Canada) were weakly set up and the results were questionable.  So you will need to decide for yourself whether these bracelets are beneficial for you or not.

One of the studies showed that when the pain was measured on the WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index, there were no differences between the placebo and the real bracelets.  However when the pain was measured using the PRI sensory pain subscale, the standard magnetic wrist strap seemed to reduce pain more than the other bracelets.  This reduction in pain was small:  2.52 out of a possible 42 points.

Scientifically, a magnetic field would have to be many orders greater in a bracelet form than it has been measure to benefit the human body.  The blood protein is the only diamagnetic substance in the blood but is very weak in magnetic ability.  Therefore, to affect the blood, the magnetic bracelet would need to be so strong that it would affect everything around you.

There are many claims of benefit:

  • Help your golf swing.
  • Help your tennis game.
  • Reduce arthritic pain.
  • Reduce back pain.
  • Improve mood.
  • Reduce muscle pain.
  • Improve your Chi.
  • Reduce Stress.

If you or someone you know wear one of these bracelets and feel strongly that they reduce you pain or otherwise benefit your health, then use them and don’t remove them.  If you have tried these bracelets and they don’t work for you or if you are a strong skeptic, then don’t spend your hard earned money on them – buy some over the counter pain medication of your choice.


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