Genetically Modified Organism Labeling

There is a new argument in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods.  The outrage comes from The United States and Canada not requiring labeling on consumer food as to whether or not it is or contains GMOs.  Most of the European Union, and many major countries in Asia, South America and Australia require labeling, if for no other reason than people wish to know what is going into their bodies.  And that is justified.

As with any nutritional science, the science behind it is a little murky.  Food science has always been closely tied with politics, and never more so than now.  The real heart of debates on GMO Labeling or really just food labeling in general, is that people have a vested interest in what they are feeding themselves, now more than ever before.  Thanks to the internet and the wide availability of natural food information, people want to be more aware of what is going to their bodies and the bodies of their loved ones.  So yes, food is still tied into politics, but also for the first time in a long time, it is very closely tied to health.

We at Health Now, Wealth Forever have always been on the side of organic, whole locally sourced foods.  So of course, we are all for GMO Labeling.  We have covered why and how and when and where.  This is not an issue of banning GMOs (although if you have been a fan long, you would know that we wouldn’t mind that at all), it is an issue of letting people who wish to eat simple, as nature intended, plants and meat. Eat them while being sure they are eating what they wish.

I know that many of the plants we eat do not grow wild like that (Read Pandora’s Seed by Spencer Wells for more information). Apples and corn are two obvious examples, but there are hundreds to thousands of examples throughout history.  We have modified food to fit our needs for thousands of years.  But not like GMOs.  Even through the most extreme changes to the nature of fruits and vegetables done by farmers throughout history to increase their yield, we did not add compounds, synthetic vitamins, resistances and pesticides to the genes of the plants, like corporate food companies do now.  The general rule of thumb is: If insects, molds, and fungi won’t touch the food, you shouldn’t either.

The US and Canada are the only advanced countries that do not require labeling of GMOs

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