Healthy Cranberries!

Cranberries are considered a “super-food” due to their high vitamin and antioxidant content.  Raw Cranberries contain decent levels of dietary fiber and vitamin c as well as manganese an essential mineral for human health.  They also contain polyphenol antioxidants and phytochemicals which are under active research to help with the immune system and the cardiovascular system as well as anti-cancer agents. The juice contains a high molecular weight non-dializable material that inhibits the growth of plaque in teeth and kidney stone formation. Cranberries have a high amount of total phenols and have anti-clotting properties which can help fix urinary tract infections, though this research is not yet conclusive due to poor cell absorption.


About Thain

I am a high school senior with a strong interest in psychology and philosophy; my interest in psychology stems from my analytical thinking, I analyze just about everything. It is similar for philosophy except that everything is more in theory than in fact. These all compound to create the reason why I joined HNWF; self help type stuff has a lot of psychological principles in it and surrounding it. I joined because I was surrounded by it and the idea of being part of it interested me.

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