Holiday Recipes – Mincemeat Pie

Another holiday food memory is Mincemeat Pie, using homemade mincemeat—no NoneSuch for me. I tried this kind of mincemeat, but it just did not measure up to the mincemeat my father made in years past.

The first time I tried it, my father was still with us and lived downstairs from me. We had so much fun making this—and it lasts for a long time because the “recipe” in the Better Homes and Garden© approximately 1960s makes 12 + pints. I wanted to make this again for Christmas a year or two ago, but could not find the recipe that I wanted—I had lost my cookbook. My husband went on EBay and found this specific BH & G cookbook. As it turns out, the new ones do not have the mincemeat pie recipe.

When I made the mincemeat, I forgot to put the sugar in. I thought “oh, no” at first, but have found that it does not make a difference in the taste—it is sweet enough. It does not stick together as well, but that is okay. The great thing about this mincemeat is the ingredients. It uses suet—beef fat, beef(they say beef neck—but I used stew meat), tart apples, raisins, currants, oranges and lemons and their juice, citron and spices. I will try doing coconut pastry again—I was not very successful last time, but I will keep trying it. I think this is a favorite not only because of the taste, but also the great memories and fellowship in making it.


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