How Do You Live Organic On a Limited Income?

I have been thinking about how hard it is to be naturally healthy—only because I am not a farmer, organic food is expensive and people on food stamps, limited incomes or no income cannot always buy non-GMO, organic foods.

When feeding 8 hungry people the $3.00+ loaf of bread or $3.00+ dozen organic eggs does not go very far.  The farmer’s markets in our area are great, but they too are expensive. 

I will keep trying and put out the positive thoughts that the food manufacturers will care about our healthtruly care, and our government will truly care and get out of bed with Big Pharma, Monsanto and Big Agriculture (factory farms).  I will patronize the farmer’s markets and grocery stores  that try to keep their organic (true organic) prices lower.  I will keep posting, researching, reading and supporting the efforts of all of us that are working at not eating toxic foods and feeding our children, grandchildren and ourselves worthless food.

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About Marilyn

I am a "retired senior" (I've been a school librarian and library tech for a government research facility) who is now pursuing a dream of a home business sewing bags of all sorts, crafting and being the creative person I have always wanted to be. I grew up in the center of Illinois and dreamed of actually living back in the state of Colorado where I was born and lived till the age of 7. That dream came true when I met my husband of 43 years while working together in Estes Park. I am interested in alternative medicine, continuing the good health I've always had, while returning to the pre-processed food era of: eating well, losing weight, and using products that do not harm the environment, me, my family and friends. I am for labeling GMO’s, using sustainable products, organics and finding solutions to everyday problems, like colds and sore muscles, using natural remedies. I have a positive attitude that has helped through a very hard year and will bring forth a life that will be full and happy. My family is wonderful and I am a happy lady, wife, mother, and grandma.

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