Identifying the Causes of our Obesity Epidemic

There was a report on NPR on May 19, 2011 that we are the most obese nation in the world. Why?  Is it because our “health experts” have pushed the low fat/high carb diet so hard? Or that our high food prices make it very hard to eat healthy? Or maybe our lifestyles push us to eat processed fast food?  I think it is all three.

Once again, I see my middle growing. Why? I deviated away from my very successful low-carb, no sugar, wheat, corn diet.  I got addicted to sugar. I once again needed to refresh my thinking about food.  And I once again turned to the Drs. Eades.  In their 2003 book, The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution, I read about the victims of the LOW-FAT LIE:

“If dietary fat had been the culprit behind the many diseases blamed on it, we’d be a nation of thin, healthy people by now. But of course, we aren’t.  In the fifteen, to twenty years we’ve been trimming the fat, type II diabetes has tripled and in the last decade alone obesity has increased by 30%.”

AND THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 2003—it has gotten much worse since then.

One other tidbit from the book:

“The diet the USDA recommends—-as shown in the USDA Food Pyramid—-“ ( the guide that guides what our children are served in the school lunch program) “is almost identical to the balance of nutrients farmers use to fatten cattle and hogs on the feed lot.”

I will once again, hoping I can avoid the wrong foods, eat the low-carb, high protein diet that promotes good health.


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I am a "retired senior" (I've been a school librarian and library tech for a government research facility) who is now pursuing a dream of a home business sewing bags of all sorts, crafting and being the creative person I have always wanted to be. I grew up in the center of Illinois and dreamed of actually living back in the state of Colorado where I was born and lived till the age of 7. That dream came true when I met my husband of 43 years while working together in Estes Park. I am interested in alternative medicine, continuing the good health I've always had, while returning to the pre-processed food era of: eating well, losing weight, and using products that do not harm the environment, me, my family and friends. I am for labeling GMO’s, using sustainable products, organics and finding solutions to everyday problems, like colds and sore muscles, using natural remedies. I have a positive attitude that has helped through a very hard year and will bring forth a life that will be full and happy. My family is wonderful and I am a happy lady, wife, mother, and grandma.

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