Kiwis the super food family, the Kiwi fruit stands out as not only an excellent source of Vitamin C (1 kiwi gives you all the Vitamin C you need for the day) but many other vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

The Kiwi fruit, while small and a little tough to get into, is one of the only fruits to provide Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is normally found in nuts and oils, which are high in calories, while the Kiwi provides Vitamin E with a 46 to 56 point caloric intake per fruit.  Kiwi are also full of fiber, potassium and anti-oxidants.  There is a lot packed into that little package!  Another fun fact about Kiwi fruit is that they have been named after two birds, the Chinese Gooseberry and the New Zealand Kiwi bird.

Kiwi fruit are sweet, versatile and delicious.  They can be used in savory recipes as well as desserts so be sure to enjoy them every chance you get!



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