Letting negative people AFFECT you, harms your EFFECTIVENESS.

Affect: (v) 

Letting the negativity of others affect you can cause you to be less effective in your own life.  You can lose focus, suddenly be in a terrible mood or in extreme cases, hurt yourself or lose a job.  By letting others negativity affect you, you are giving that negativity and in turn, that negative person power over your effectiveness.  When a negative person comes into your life, think about how you are feeling, if their comments or actions are causing you to feel like crap then more than likely, you need to get away from that person or confront that negativity, recognize it and reject it.
Negativity is a poison.  It will eat at you if you allow it into your life and could destroy all you have achieved.  Remember that you are the only one that is control of you and your circumstances.  You are the only one who can change you and who you keep around you.
Thanks for letting me to get that off my chest and have a fantastic life and surround yourself with the positive people who add to your effectiveness and not tear you down!
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