Monsanto Alert! – Call Your Congressperson!

On my FB page today, there is a warning that Monsanto is trying to attach a rider to the Agriculture Appropriation Bill that will be pushed through on the lame duck session, that will allow Monsanto to be untouchable by federal law.  Once attached and passed, there is nothing any court can do to go after Monsanto.  Monsanto is hoping that the public will be distracted by the holidays so it can push through this legislation.  I am including the link where you can sign a petition to send to your congressman to not support this.

Most countries—even the poor ones are not allowing GMOs.  Peru has joined the ranks now.  Why are we—one of the supposed enlightened countries in this world—still allowing food manufacturers to use GMOs in food products.  Here are seven reasons not to eat foods with GMOs in them:

  1. GMOs have never undergone standard testing or regulation for human safety.
  2. But we know that GMOs have proven harmful in animal studies.*
  3. And the most widely used GMOs are paired with an herbicide linked to serious health risks. GM crops — Roundup Ready soy and corn(Monsanto)– are treated with the herbicide glyphosate, which in exposed humans has been associated with DNA damage. In the lab, it’s proven toxic to human liver cells.
  4. The consequences of GMO technology are inherently unpredictable.
  5. GMO makers intimidate and silence farmers and scientists. GMO corporations use patents and intellectual property rights to sue farmers, block research, and threaten investigators. (Monsanto)
  6. GMOs undermine our food security. Within the biotechnology market, Monsanto alone controls 90 percent of GE crops worldwide. And Monsanto is one of three GMO companies including DuPont and Syngenta that control 70 percent of the global seed market, reinforcing monopoly power over our food. GMO seeds are costly and must be purchased every year, so they worsen farmers’ indebtedness, dependency, and vulnerability to hunger.
  7. GMOs aren’t needed in the first place, so why would we take on these risks and harms? Studies show that safe, sustainable farming practices applied worldwide could increase our food supply as much as 50 percent.

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To sign a email to your congressman, please go to this link:

Please also boycott the companies that joined the fight against labeling GMOs in California.  A lot of them are “organic” companies.  The above website can give you a list of who to avoid.

Thank you to you who do read this and have allowed me to step up on my soapbox.


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