Onions: Benefits and Myths

I recently posted on my Facebook about how cut onions can absorb bacteria and thus making them poisonous. To my embarrassment, this is false. (I have deleted the post so to not not mislead others.) http://www.snopes.com/food/tainted/cutonions.asp

Onions, in fact, contain huge nutritional benefits.  They have quercetin (http://www.healthnowwealthforever.com/health/apples-and-quercetin/), which is a powerful antioxidant that aids in lowering blood pressure, fighting asthma, diabetes and infection.  Onions also have high levels of Vitamin C and amino acids, which detoxify your body and compete with insulin to lower blood sugar. (1)

So, to clear up the myth, onions do not absorb bacteria. They are a powerful ally against cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases.  So when someone posts on the poisonous cut onion, you can direct them to do their research like I should have done and find out the truth.

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