Super Freekeh!

Last week we had a new salad at my work ( I work at a local grocery store in the service deli).  This salad incorporated Freekeh.  Since we introduced it, we have had lots of “what is freekeh” questions from both staff and guests.  I had no answer so I did some research.

Freekeh is considered an ancient grain.  It has been used in recipes since the 13th century and along with Quinoa, amaranth and spelt has remained unchanged for a millennia.   Unlike freekeh’s fellow ancients, it is a wheat grain.

“Freekeh is made from young wheat (typically durum) that is harvested while still green and put through a roasting and rubbing process during production. It has a smoky, nutty flavor and a firm, chewy texture similar to bulgur.” (1)

The health benefits are great.  Freekeh is high in fiber but low in carbohydrates.  It has a high amount of protein as well.  It has high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, anti-oxidants that promote eye health. And because of the fiber content, aids in digestion and has even acted like a prebiotic to keep the digestive track healthy. (1,2)

This ancient grain is having a great reintroduction into our diets! I encourage you to try it, it is good and can replace cous cous, rice or pasta with ease.  A bonus is the name, at work we have been singing “Super freak, super freak, super freekeh” this whole week!

A side note, freekeh is a wheat so it is not safe for those suffering from celiacs or are gluten free for dieting reasons.

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