Superfood Coconut

Coconut water has the same effect as sports drinks

The Hindu culture regards coconuts and their water as the cure for all ailments. And though it might not cure all ailments, it does help against and prevent quite a few diseases and ailments. Plus, it’s completely non-toxic to humans.

  • Kills viruses that can cause Flu, AIDS and Herpes
  • Kills bacteria that might cause ulcers and throat infections and expels tape worms
  • Protects against cancer and osteoporosis
  • Helps tissue regeneration and supports the immune system
  • Prevents over weight issues and obesity
  • Helps get rid of kidney stones
  • Acts as a protective anti-oxidant
  • Helps dry skin and maintains a healthy balance in the chemicals in skin

The oil the really is the remarkable thing: most of these beneficial effects are the work of coconut oil.

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