Superfood Pistachios

Well, I have to admit it.  Pistachios are one of my favorite snacks to the point of over-doing it.   If I had a pistachio tree, all of the pistachios would be mine.  I would not sell any of them.  But, I live in the wrong climate to have a pistachio tree.  The pistachio grows best in a hot dry climate such as New Mexico,  West Texas, Arizona or Southern California where there are no cold winters and summers that stay above 100º F for a significant amount of time.

The pistachio tree requires special care and strict planting rules.  Guess I will just buy them.

Why a Superfood?  They are a great source of energy and a nutritional powerhouse.

The nuts have oleic acid which is a mono-saturated fatty acid filled with antioxidants and a great way to reduce the bad, LDL, cholesterol in your blood.  Not only reducing LDL levels, they raise the HDL levels which are very good for you.

They are rich in carotenes, vitamin E, and polyphenolic antioxidants which remove free radicals and help protect your body from disease, cancer and infection.  The vitamin E helps protect your mucous membranes and your skin from free radical damage.

Also, the nuts are packed with B-complex vitamins:  riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, B-6 and folates.

Many beneficial minerals are also contained in the pistachios:  copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium.  Copper is a trace mineral helping in neuro-transmission and metabolism.

Although pistachios are not easy to grow, they are easy to eat or cook.  They can also be used as an oil for cooking, massage oil, aromatherapy and in cosmetics.

“Just a handful of pistachios a day provides enough recommended levels of phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein.”


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