Superfood Plums

Plums are one of my favorite summer fruits.  I usually forget about plums being prunes which are available when plums are not.  But we should not forget to eat this fruit all year round.  The plum is in the family Prunus domestica and related to peaches, nectarines and almonds.  Plums and prunes have a high content of the phytonutrients: neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid.  In plums and peaches these substances are classified as phenols and their function as antioxidants.

Isn’t great that you can eat this delightful fruit, and get protection from superoxide anion radicals which can damage to our neurons and fats that form part of our cell membranes.  Plums are also high in Vitamin C and all these wonderful things (source):

  • Consumption of plums helps in the production and absorption of iron in the body, thus leading to better blood circulation, which further leads to the growth of healthy tissues.
  • Regular consumption of plums can prevent macular degeneration and any other infection of the eye, in the long run. Your eyes will be healthy and strong for long time and you can also retain a sharp eye-sight.
  • Researchers have found that plums have anti-cancer agents that may help prevent the growth of cancerous cells and tumors in the body.
  • Eating plums also reduces your chances of contracting a heart disease in the long run. Plums have certain cleansing agents that keep the blood pure and prevent complications of the heart.
  • Plums have high content of Vitamin C, which means that they help protect the body against health conditions like asthma, colon cancer, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Plum juice concentrate is effective in preventing and reducing human influenza A.

This great fruit helps prevent macular degeneration.  For more great information please visit The studies are documented here that show if older people eat three helpings of this fruit, the wonderful plum, it can help in the prevention of this illness associated with vision loss.  WHFoods also has a food ranking system that qualifies the plum as a good source of Vitamin A.

So, plums and prunes are a wonderful fruit to keep on the shelf for snacking and using in recipes.  I would say this qualifies as one of HNWF’s super foods.


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