The Anti-Obesity Project: NuSI

I have ranted about the bad science of our nation’s nutrition policy before. It has always irked me that we our doctors would rather give us a pill than attack the underlying issue of diet, mostly because that was what they were taught to do. But, there’s a new initiative to to resolve the bad science that makes up our medical and nutritional tradition. It’s called the Nutrition Science Initiative or NuSI.

NuSI is a new organization founded by Dr. Peter Attia, M.D. and writer Gary Taubes. Their aim is to once and for all confirm what a healthy diet truly is and what causes obesity. They are doing this with only good science. Making sure that they test their hypothesis thoroughly before making any recommendations. They do have a very audacious goal of seeing marked results by 2020 though.

Here’s their strategy:

If you want to learn more about this exciting new initiative vist, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s some reading on the subject of bad science in the nutrition realm:


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