The Economy vs. Our Children

The Denver Post had a front page story about one of our congressmen trying to block the USDA from changing the school lunch standards.  The USDA is trying to have our school children have better lunches – one that has less French fries and more fruit, green vegetables and whole grains.  Our congressman worries about the potato farmers.  The USDA has proposed that they limit starchy vegetables (potatoes, lima beans, corn, and peas) to 1 cup a week.

I am amazed that our congressman would worry more about potato farmers than the obesity rates of our children.  Another of our congressman, praised the change in the USDA’s policies.  USDA has been reluctant to change the lunch program.  We should be cheering.  This is a beginning to change the way we teach our children healthy eating.

Will the USDA fall to the potato farmers lobby and Congressmen who want to keep the children unhealthly eating potatoes every day instead of the better fruit, green vegetables and whole grains? Or, will they step up, take a stand, and make a change for the better? You can help them make this choice, call your congressman and senator today.


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