The Powerhouse Black Bean

Who knew what a power house bean this is?  Black beans are such an important food in Brazil, they have their own food group on the food pyramid.

Black beans are great food. They provide special support for your digestive tract health especially in your colon, they’re a great source of protein, full of fiber, regulate blood sugar, and have been found to help reduce the risk of cancer, especially colon cancer!  Wow!  All that in those little black legumes.

I come from the era of beans were used to make chili good (and usually that was the kidney bean) and the black bean was one of the beans in 3 bean salad.

Please go this website for an in-depth guide to making a great addition to nutritional eating.  If you are thinking, I have no time for home preparing black beans–studies have shown that canned black beans are equally good.  Just get the canned black beans that do not have extra salt or additives.

If you are not a fan of beans, there are lots of recipes out there that disguise the wonderful little black bean.  I recently made black bean brownies that were absolutely delicious.  Take a look at this website for information on this great good health packed food.

WHFoods: Black Beans



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