Vaccines—are they worth the ruin that they could bring to our health?

Vaccines—are they worth the ruin that they could bring to our health?  Do they really protect us?  OR do they really only protect the manufacturers’ greed and not us?  Please decide for yourselves if you want to risk your children and/or yourself with vaccines.

Study: Getting flu shot 2 years in a row may lower protection

“Experts are puzzled by a new study in which influenza vaccination seemed to provide little or no protection against flu in the 2010-11 season—and in which the only participants who seemed to benefit from the vaccine were those who hadn’t been vaccinated the season before.

The investigators recruited 328 households in Michigan before the flu season started and followed them through the season. Overall, they found that the infection risk was nearly the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated participants, indicating no significant vaccine-induced protection, according to their report in Clinical Infectious Diseases”

For full story also go to this site


Beware: Universal flu jab just around the corner


Three Vaccine Myths That Will Make Your Head Explode


Judicial Watch Seeks Answers to Payouts Made to Victims of HPV Vaccines

“According to the Annals of Medicine: “At present there are no significant data showing that either Gardasil or Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) can prevent any type of cervical cancer since the testing period employed was too short to evaluate long-term benefits of HPV vaccination.”


Jon Rappaport interviews an ex-vaccine worker

“Q: Do you believe that people should be allowed to choose whether they should get vaccines?

A: On a political level, yes. On a scientific level, people need information, so that they can choose well. It’s one thing to say choice is good. But if the atmosphere is full of lies, how can you choose? Also, if the FDA were run by honorable people, these vaccines would not be granted licenses. They would be investigated to within an inch of their lives.”

This is just one of the questions and answers.  Please read the interview.


I used to believe in vaccines until I started to read the information that is not just coming from parents whose children have become ill or died from the vaccines, but from the studies done but not published or told in the media.  If you are concerned and are wondering about vaccines, please go the websites that I have provided, read the information and follow other links that detail the dangers of vaccines that are not being shared and are not a concern to the FDA or CDC.


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