What are they trying to feed us?

On the market today are many foods that say “low fat” and “sugar free”; I for one think that “low fat” cheese is gross and that “sugar free” foods taste like chemicals.  I have good reason to think these thoughts.

“When fat content decreases, something has to be added to preserve the taste quality of the food, usually sugar, salt, high fructose corn syrup or other food additives.” (1)  “While those of us who have to avoid sugar altogether for health purposes may be tempted by a sugar substitute, know that to keep that same sweet taste, chemists have been swapping test tubes of paint thinner and other chemicals to happen upon accidental sweetness.”(1)

Ah ha! I knew my taste buds weren’t lying to me. To be in the growing market for diet foods, food manufacturers have come up with some dangerously creative solutions to get us consumers to buy what they are selling.  A prime example is “low fat” yogurt.

“When fat is removed from yogurt, sugar is added for flavor—and guys don’t need any more sugar. According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men ages 20 to 39 consume 397 calories from added sugar each day, leading directly to weight gain and chronic health conditions, Glassman said. Remember that labels list sugar in many forms, such as maltose, corn syrup, molasses, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, glucose, and high-fructose corn syrup.” (2)

So when you are looking to lessen the fat and sugar in your diet, go to the produce aisle and the farmers markets. Eat less dairy and more protein. If we consumers stop consuming processed and modified food than the manufacturers will stop making it! Keep these thoughts in your minds when you are shopping and maybe we can stop poisoning our bodies!

This is an excellent and eye opening website: http://eatthis.menshealth.com/slideshow/print-list/186430

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