Winter Skin Care

I have dry skin. I have had dry skin since birth and every winter it gets 10 times worse.  I drink water, probably not enough, but try to hydrate from the inside out never the less.  I have bought countless body washes, body lotions, body creams and serums.  When the temperature drops below freezing, it does not matter what I drink or put on my body, my skin is cracking and painful.

I will tell you what helps me deal for longer than 6 hours and list some websites below that have given good advice.

For my hands: Neutrogena Intensive Hand Cream and Merle Norman’s Super Lube. Both of these are extremely emollient and take a bit of time to soak in but work for hours.

For my body: Recently, I have started making my own sugar scrubs and love them! I use raw sugar, grape seed oil, almond oil and honey (for added fragrance I use pure vanilla or lavender oil).  After showering I love coconut oil but have to usually have something with shea butter too, for the added moisture.

These websites have good tips and recipes. It is more cost effective to make the products yourself but if you find something on the shelf that works and helps with the winter blues, go for it.



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