Co-Housing and You

I am a pretty introverted person.  I don’t mind living alone, not sharing a bed with anyone, eating alone, etc.  But, as I noted in my last post, I tend to consume myself into my own idiosyncrasies if left to myself for too long, and I look around my space and grudgingly realize that I am indeed doing that.  I have been researching a lot on ASCs and the sociology and social psychology inherent in localizing ourselves and have stumbled onto Intentional Communities and Co-Housing.


Co-housing goes hand in hand with Agriculture Supported Communities.  But it goes farther.  Intentional Communities (and thereby Co-housing) are built around a central courtyard or community center.  Everyone owns their own condo or house, depending on the community, but dinners are eaten communally a few times a week.  Kids play outside, are babysat by neighbors regularly.  Co-housing presents a safe, friendly, helpful living model.  Now, being somewhat introverted, this model scares me a little, but it also intrigues me.  The apartment complex I live in, located in a moderately sized city, is not very friendly and although I know a couple of people in my building, by no means do I know even 1% of all of the people that live here, and I do not trust any of them to watch my children, simply because I don’t know any of them that well.

If you are extroverted (or introverted if you are willing to challenge yourself a little) and a family person, then the Co-Housing model is worth looking into.  The community helps each other out.  If your car won’t start, you can get a ride.  If you need someone to watch your children, your community will help you out.  If you can fix a computer and the family across the courtyard is having trouble, you go help out.  This is a beautiful living situation for people looking for a friendlier, safer, more helpful place to live.

Here is where I first learned about it.

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