A Random Act of Kindness

In this crazy holiday time, take time to slow down and see your fellow crazed shopper.  A few kindnesses’ to yourself and others bring you patience and help you see the humor amidst the craziness.

A friend of mine was recently in line at a drive thru coffee place, when she got to the window to pay, the car in front of her had bought her coffee!  So, she in turn bought the drinks for the car behind her.  She was inspired, she inspired others by sharing and she made me think how far a little kindness goes.


About Felicia

Hello, I am Felicia and I am one of the founding members of Health Now, Wealth Forever. When we came up with the concept of starting our family business, I was enthusiastic just to spend time working on a project with my family. But, as we have grown and expanded, my passion for educating myself and others - about alternative health options and changing the way we view finances and life - has taken over. While I admit I am not the healthiest of our group, I am working on it daily and hope that the articles I write help you to work on it with me. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to open our minds and yours to an alternative way of look at health, wealth and life!

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