A Resolution for Positivity!

Resolution:  A firm decision to do or not to do something.

Typically, as the New Year arrives I look back at the old year, sometimes with relief that it is over and sometimes with sadness that the year before was amazing and how can this year compare?  This New Year, as I look back, it is with relief.  And as I look forward it is with anticipation that this year will be the amazing one.

As for many of my friends and family, this last year has been one of the hardest, financially, emotionally and physically.   While there have been many positive events, new babies, new dogs, new jobs etc. the financial and emotional hard times have kind of outweighed the good times.  It is time for a change!

A change in thinking to be more specific; I am going to change the way I think.  I am going to believe in the good and positive that these things are more powerful than the bad and negative.  I am going to be a better communicator and to let go of issues before they become issues.  I am going to better myself so I can attract good and positive things to myself.  I am not saying that changing the way I will think will not come with struggle but this is my resolution.


About Felicia

Hello, I am Felicia and I am one of the founding members of Health Now, Wealth Forever. When we came up with the concept of starting our family business, I was enthusiastic just to spend time working on a project with my family. But, as we have grown and expanded, my passion for educating myself and others - about alternative health options and changing the way we view finances and life - has taken over. While I admit I am not the healthiest of our group, I am working on it daily and hope that the articles I write help you to work on it with me. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to open our minds and yours to an alternative way of look at health, wealth and life!

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