This was posted on Facebook by my father.  I am sure it has been around forever but it struck a nerve with me tonight.  We all have baggage, some of it is heavier than the rest.  Some of it is not our own baggage but given to us by loved ones or even strangers.  We can toss the baggage aside or we can unpack.  Unpacking can be daunting; it can be painful but so rewarding when it is done and dealt with.

When it is our own baggage, it easy to hide it away and try to forget about it. But a warning, it is still there waiting to be unpacked!  When it is someone else’s baggage, you can choose.  Is unpacking the baggage going to help or hinder that person?  For example, is the bag full of things better left in the past, memories or experiences, or is it better to unpack and grow from the things discovered?

These are questions we each have to answer as individuals.  Unpacking baggage can be exhausting, draining and physically harmful so be careful how you choose.  Is it better to throw that baggage out or unpack?  The choice is yours.


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