Control Your Thoughts – “CLEAR!”

Do you often have a head full of thoughts keeping you up most of the night?

A few nights ago I was experiencing a gazillion thoughts racing through my mind. I don’t know why – just did. I tossed and turned, not able to get them out of my mind and get some sleep. Very frustrating and I needed to get a good night’s sleep for work the next day. I tossed and turned – thoughts racing.

I have read a lot of positive thinking articles and books that tell you if you can empty your mind of all thoughts then you have control of your mind and are in control of your thoughts. I have tried many techniques to accomplish this: meditation, ten minutes of quiet mind each day, relaxation and breathing exercises, etc. None of these techniques and exercises working very well that particular night.

It was like I was having a thought attack and going into mind arrest. Kind of like having a heart attack and cardiac arrest but in my mind and thoughts.

I needed help and sleep!

So, I decided to ask my mind “How do I control the thoughts tonight that are flitting around inside of you?”

I was surprised at the solution my mind came up with. “Use the thought/mind defibrillator technique.” Huh? I have never heard of this – or had I? Oh, well, nothing else was working. I gave it a try.

I thought of my hands as defibrillator paddles. I placed one hand on either temple. In my thoughts I yelled “CLEAR!” My mind started to go peaceful and within ten minutes I went into a deep sleep.

My question you is “What techniques do YOU use to clear your irritating thoughts?”

Quotes from the Daily Teachings of The Secret:

“Negative thoughts are not who you are. Your true nature is all good. So if by chance a negative thought comes, say to yourself, “These thoughts are not mine, and they do not belong to me. I am all good and I have only good thoughts for myself and everyone.”
“To still your mind. Sit down each day, close your eyes, and just watch your thoughts. Don’t resist your thoughts, but just watch them come into your mind. As you watch each thought, it will disappear. Practice this each day and you will get better and better. You will find your mind will be without thoughts for five seconds, and then ten seconds, and then twenty seconds.”

About Gary

I am retired, but not tired. I still want to be valuable to others. I know that others are valuable to me. After looking back on six decades, I have asked myself this question: “What do I believe?” My mind filled up. My heart started beating faster. My spirit soared. I post blogs to share what my mind is working on, what my heart believes would help others and, what my spirit is communicating to me. What do I believe, you ask? Decisions dictate your path In love, not hate In tolerance, not prejudice In health, not sickness In wealth, not poverty In kindness, rudeness In happiness, not sadness In encouragement, not discouragement In faith, not doubt In courage, not fear I have been and will be challenged in each one of these beliefs, but the biggest belief is to stay positive and not turn negative. This belief helps me maintain all of the others.

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