Everybody Needs More Time Here’s How to Get It

Everybody says that they wish they had more time. There isn’t a realistic way to get more hours in a day. You could completely change your sleep habits and end up sleeping just 2 hours a day (called the Uberman’s sleep schedule) or you could just stop wasting time by using time management.

Time management is all about scheduling everything in your life so that you don’t end up wasting time. You need to schedule a time for checking and responding to emails so that you don’t spend an hour cleaning out your inbox. You need to schedule the time you spend with your family so that you don’t shortchange the ones you love. You need to schedule your leisure time so you can have time to yourself.

One great thing about time management is that it allows you to see plainly what your biggest time wasters are. You can see what is robbing you of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. When you see habits that are harming you can then work to eliminate them.

For most people television, which is rarely a productive activity, is a primary time waster. Before you sit down in front of the TV ask yourself “Is there something else I could be doing?” Because, if you watch three hours of TV a day, that comes out to almost 46 days a year that you are losing to a passive activity that you probably didn’t get a whole lot out of. I’m not saying you should quit watching TV, just realize that you should choose what you watch wisely. Every minute of TV you watch is taking time away from time you could be using to better yourself, spending time with friends or family, or researching opportunities.

Everyone must create their own time management system, because they must own it. It has to feel like your own. Some people work best with every hour accounted for, that may not be your style. I personally set aside the morning for one project, then the afternoon for another, if I don’t finish what I want to within those projects I have an afternoon later in the week to work on things that require more attention. I only check my email twice a day and try to avoid going on Facebook more than twice a day as well.

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