Flow in psychology, is a mental state of operation and motivation while performing a task and enjoying it.  Flow is a complete absorption of what one does, it would be the bliss of doing something that you are both good at and love doing, to the point of loss of track of time. Being “in the zone” would be one way to put it. For me that flow would occur while playing a game I enjoyed or composing music. For an author it would be the writing of a book and losing track of time while doing it.

These are the three conditions needed to achieve flow set down by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:

  1. One must be involved in an activity with a clear set of goals and progress. This adds direction and structure to the task.
  2. The task at hand must have clear and immediate feedback. This helps the person negotiate any changing demands and allows him or her to adjust his or her performance to maintain the flow state.
  3. One must have a good balance between the perceived challenges of the task at hand and his or her own perceived skills. One must have confidence that he or she is capable to do the task at hand.

Challenge vs. skill

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I am a high school senior with a strong interest in psychology and philosophy; my interest in psychology stems from my analytical thinking, I analyze just about everything. It is similar for philosophy except that everything is more in theory than in fact. These all compound to create the reason why I joined HNWF; self help type stuff has a lot of psychological principles in it and surrounding it. I joined because I was surrounded by it and the idea of being part of it interested me.

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