The Ganzfeld Effect – How to Trick Your Mind With Nothing at All

Perception is a tricky thing. It can be tricked by some of the simplest things. Visual perception is among the easiest to trick. There is a phenomenon called the Ganzfeld Effect that tricks your visual perception into hallucinations. The Ganzfeld Effect happens when your visual field isn’t stimulated enough, for example being in a pitch dark room for an extended period of time. The Effect can be induced by simply making sure there is no light in the room you are in or even just staring at any plain colored surface for long enough. This lack visual stimulation causes your brain starts to make stuff up to fill the void. If this continues long enough then it can also cause an altered state of consciousness.

Originally, this was discovered by entering dark caves, but the effect is named after the Ganzfeld Experiment. The experiment consisted of a volunteer being suspended in a tank of water so they just float and then the room was made pitch black. They were suspended in water to further the lack of perception. The effect of which was a sensation of phantom touch instead of just hallucinations. Our minds and our perception are very easy to trick even with a simple lack of detail and water.

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