Here Comes the Flood!

Our store is going through a remodel.  Inevitably, this evokes complaints: “Why are you changing things? Didn’t you just do this?”; “If you change the store one more time, I’m not shopping here anymore.”; “I just figured out where everything is, and you change it!”.  About 1/3 of my customers have reactions like this.  Another 1/3 doesn’t care and the last 1/3 is enthusiastic about the new remodel. But, as I have told customers, change is inevitable, just as their complaints.  Co-workers ask me why I rarely complain about things, and I tell them, “What would complaining fix?”

Reality, for me, has become allegory.  I have again gone through an uproarious time.  These last two years have been one change, one cataclysm after another in my life: deaths, floods, moving, changes in attitude and schedules and circumstances.  My brain is often a riot of trying to reconcile all of the things around me.  My customers and circumstances are mirroring my own struggles in understanding my place in things.  I might be a Taoist, but that doesn’t mean I am always at peace.  I might be able to work things out and tell you all about how to do the same, but that doesn’t mean I always can work out when to swim against the flood or when to float with it.  I am, though Taoist, still human, just like you.

I went through a similar couple of years in 2008 and 2009 when my marriage disintegrated and I had to figure out where and why I was.  I came out on top happier than I ever had been in the past.  I started to realize in 2011 that I had become inactive and restive and that without another change, the way things were could not last.  In 2012, that realization came true.  And the flood unleashed that spring has not abated.  Oh, it will all turn out pretty well, but by no means is this flood of changes easy.  And by no means do I know how.  Just like my customers and the changes to the store, it is disconcerting when everything that is familiar and comfortable is rearranged and new things are introduced that might be positive, but are strange and not automatically accepted or welcome.


But everything must change or die.  Life and nature is constantly evolving, whether or not we want it to. And we have to change and evolve as well.  I assumed, falsely, in 2010 that I had landed in a new pinnacle of psyche, and that I need not weather another flood.  That has been proven to me; I will never be done evolving.  Neither will anything. Not you, not my store, not that bird in your backyard who just finished its nest, not the universe. No matter how stressful and frightening the changes are, you will need to endure many, many life and convenience changing things.  Will you complain? Of course!  But will those complaints stop the changes, the floods? No.

I can’t tell you how to gracefully handle these floods in your life, I haven’t even figured that out myself.  But I can tell you that you will be better for the experience if you can make it through it.

About Nathan

Hi! I am Nathan! So why am I here? That is my main question. I am fascinated by the current wave of science meeting with the philosophical questions throughout history. I am a Taoist and a disorganized dreamer who makes up new words to describe states of being and thought processes. I love to bring to you these simple yet powerful little inspirations and truths. I believe that each one of us is infinitely important and we are all connected. As Carl Sagan put it, “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” We might be all connected, but you are still you. It is your perceptions that shape your reality. So join me in changing perceptions!

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