Dealing with Holiday Stress

Gifts, shipping, time and money have always been my holiday stressors.   To deal with those and give myself a break, I make lists.  Either in my head or on paper, lists help me prioritize and organize.  I have a list of what to give, a list of where to go and if I need to hit a holiday bazaar or market, I make a list of when the ones I want to go to are and who I am buying for once I get there.  This sounds a bit anal, I know, but after years of stressing, standing in lines and thoroughly, not enjoying myself or others; this is how I deal.

A few helpful things I have learned:

  • Shop early or shop late, this can mean in a day or during the season.  You are more likely to avoid the crowds during the early morning or right before a store closes.
  • If shipping, be prepared!  The post office UPS and FedEx have the address labels available anytime.  Have your packages already packed, taped and labeled and even if you have to stand in line, you will be ready when you get to the counter.  Also, if you have multiple branches of the post office in your area, usually the smaller ones are faster.
  • The age old saying “It’s the thought that counts” is true.  More often than not, even if it is a smaller or less expensive gift but it is something that the recipient will LOVE and know you put a ton of thought into it; it will be cherished and appreciated. (Bonus is it won’t break the bank.)

In conclusion, my ways of dealing with holiday stress are make lists, don’t shop at peak times if you can help it, be prepared and be thoughtful.  These tricks make me a much better person to be around during the holidays.


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