Perceptions Can Change Everything

The way you perceive things has an effect on your mood and thoughts and even your reality. And in turn that newly formed reality influences your perceptions. And the cycle continues.

This can even influence your view of death, which is often considered to be very negative. We tend to fear we can’t understand and we have no absolute idea what happens after death. We have religions and philosophies to try to explain that. Maybe we are just afraid of not existing anymore. I think that we should think of the change as ultimately beneficial. Look at from a more positive light. It just seems to be harder to find.

About Thain

I am a high school senior with a strong interest in psychology and philosophy; my interest in psychology stems from my analytical thinking, I analyze just about everything. It is similar for philosophy except that everything is more in theory than in fact. These all compound to create the reason why I joined HNWF; self help type stuff has a lot of psychological principles in it and surrounding it. I joined because I was surrounded by it and the idea of being part of it interested me.

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