A Reflection of Self

The dog is a reflection of your energy, of your behavior. You have to ask, ‘What am I doing?’ That’s the right question to ask.

Cesar Millan

Watching an episode of Cesar 911, I was struck with the amount of helping people he does versus the helping of dogs. While he is called the Dog Whisperer, he not only changes the way the dogs respond but heavily, changes the way the people/owners think.

A quick story, my friend Kathy and I walk our dogs almost completely off leash at the park.  Usually the only reason we ever put a leash on them is for other people’s comfort.  We know our dogs, trust our dogs and understand what our dogs will do in situations.  They listen to us and come back to us. One day at the park a gentleman was walking behind us with two large dogs on very short leashes.  Knowing my dog (not on leash) would want to say hi, I turned around and started to walk towards them.  The man immediately tensed up his body and the leashes of the dogs.  Subsequently, when my dog went to say hi, one of his dogs snapped.  The man then in turn yelled at me for having my dog off leash.  Instead of reacting to the yelling, I stood next to my dog with my hand on him and calmly took the yelling, if I had reacted in fear or anger, my dog would have sensed that and there would have been a fight.  I let the man rant, said “I hear you sir” and waited for him to walk to his truck.  He came over afterward and apologized, saying that if his dogs had been off leash there would have been a fight.  My response was “I hear you and my dog just wanted to say hi”.

If I had returned the man’s aggression with aggression and/or fear, the result of the meeting would have been much different.  Trying to control a situation, a person or an animal with fear, aggression and insecurities, only leads to negative results.  While I am not perfect in any way, I try hard to realize that being calm and secure in as many situations that I am put in, usually has the results I desire. Watching the Dog Whisperer confirmed that fact.

Reacting in a calm manner with self confidence will open more doors in your personal life, your work life and in your animal’s life.

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