Responsible Living

I spent my youth and a good portion of my young adult life believing life was something that happened to me. A bad day was because of what happened to me during the day, I was unhappy because people made me unhappy. I didn’t get the job because the hiring manager was a jerk. And on and on. And I was miserable. I went on prescription drugs for depression, smoked far too much and was not a person you’d want to spend a lot of time with. This made me even more miserable. They call it a vicious circle, but it really is more of a vicious spiral, as it carries you ever downward.

It took a couple of well-timed paradigm shifts and infusions of counter-information to for it to dawn on me that –

Life is something that happens because of me. A bad day is something that happens because what I perceive is out of line with what I believe, and I am unhappy because of it. I didn’t get the job because that wasn’t the right job for me at this time. And on and on. I am quite happy and content. I don’t take prescription drugs and I don’t smoke at all because I found that they were unnecessary. People normally enjoy my presence and input, which makes me smile and laugh. The circle isn’t vicious at all and the spiral goes ever higher.

It is no different for you.

About Nathan

Hi! I am Nathan! So why am I here? That is my main question. I am fascinated by the current wave of science meeting with the philosophical questions throughout history. I am a Taoist and a disorganized dreamer who makes up new words to describe states of being and thought processes. I love to bring to you these simple yet powerful little inspirations and truths. I believe that each one of us is infinitely important and we are all connected. As Carl Sagan put it, “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” We might be all connected, but you are still you. It is your perceptions that shape your reality. So join me in changing perceptions!

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