Surrounding yourself with amazing people

In the last few weeks, I have been struck by the awesomeness of my friends, family and coworkers.  Looking back at my life, I can pinpoint when I was happiest and when I was not happy by remembering the people I was connected with and how I felt when I was with them.

We are all energy. If you subject yourself to peers who are negative, insecure or destructive, it will affect you. Regardless of your strength as an individual, you are not immune to a constant surrounding of negative energy or bad influence.

When I was younger and in the process of trying to figure out who the heck I was, I gravitated towards people who I could “fix”.  By “fixing” someone, I felt better about myself.  But as time progressed with my “project” people, I found out that not only was I not fixing them, I was damaging myself.  (and putting my parents through a lot of worrying)

“If you think that you’re being real, but you’re still finding the wrong people showing up in your life, then you need to take a moment to reassess your you-ness. If the wrong people are showing up, I’m positive that on some level, you’re putting out an inauthentic version of yourself.”

As I matured and changed, my perspective changed.  I can’t fix anyone that doesn’t want to be fixed nor do I want to put the energy into someone that will drain my energy.  I, instead, focus on the positive people in my life; the people that make me laugh, inspire me and teach me.   I am proud to say that I have surrounded myself with a group of people that add to my energy and in turn, I can add to theirs.

Finding a person or a group of people that can add positiveness and inspiration to your life is, in my opinion, essential to a healthy life.  If it is time to reevaluate a relationship or relationships, do not be afraid.  Change is part of life and sometimes relationships are part of that change.

“They need to be reassessed from time to time to determine if they are still working in your life. Your friends should bring out the best in you. If you are surrounded by people who bring out the worst in you, then that is a serious red flag that the friendship doesn’t fit in your life. True friends are the ones that have the courage to tell you when you’re losing your way. They care enough to have those difficult conversations that most people will avoid.”

The same evaluation should be applied to your job.  If you are feeling more drained than energized while at work, maybe a change is in order.  My current job is challenging, full of education and most importantly filled with amazing people.  Since I spend a good chunk of my life at work, it is important that I think the above thoughts.

I am grateful everyday for my friends, family and coworkers.  Thank you.


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Hello, I am Felicia and I am one of the founding members of Health Now, Wealth Forever. When we came up with the concept of starting our family business, I was enthusiastic just to spend time working on a project with my family. But, as we have grown and expanded, my passion for educating myself and others - about alternative health options and changing the way we view finances and life - has taken over. While I admit I am not the healthiest of our group, I am working on it daily and hope that the articles I write help you to work on it with me. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to open our minds and yours to an alternative way of look at health, wealth and life!

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