The Law of Focus

Ever notice how, when you buy a new car, you suddenly see a lot more of that same car on the road. This is a bit of what I call forced focus. On the other hand, if you close your eyes and think hard about a certain color, it will be the color you notice the most around you when you open your eyes. This is practiced focus. This principle can be used to your advantage.

There have been several times when a contributor to Health Now, Wealth Forever has written about The Law of Attraction or The Secret. The law is that if you visualize something with enough faith, the universe will bring it to you. I have read at least one article that says that quantum physics may say this is entirely scientifically plausible, but I would like to propose an alternative theory.

I think that it’s possible that all the opportunities that are presented by the Law of Attraction are actually always there. Visualizing them allows them to come into a clearer focus. Picturing the negative outcomes makes your mind bring them into focus and search them out and picturing positives allows your mind to see them first. If this is the case your goals are totally within your reach at all times. You just need to know what to focus on and in what order.

I would recommend starting small and working up. If you can’t find something in your refrigerator that you know is there. Close the door, then your eyes. Visualize that item you were looking for and then open the fridge. I am will bet it nearly jumps out at you when you reopen the door. Move up to your keys and the pair of shoes you’ve been searching for before you move up to the intangibles. This works for looking for the next step to finishing that big project, looking for the person that will make your team complete, or the next step on your path to success.


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