To Travel or Not to Travel?

I caught myself thinking about moving back to New England this week.  I have a new job, good partners in Health Now, Wealth Forever and my kids are here.  Why would I want to leave?  I have some difficult things going on outside of those good that are quite challenging and those are probably why.  Every time I am really stressed out and feeling a little discontented with where I am, I think about moving.  Or traveling. Or leaving it all behind. But what would that solve?

There are times when moving will fix problems, but those are really special circumstances and quite few thanks to global technology.  When you need to get out of a situation that is specific to a location is a good example.  But when the epicenter of the stress is you, then moving is just moving the epicenter.  And a lot of the problem is my own habits, things of my own creation.  And moving won’t fix those.  You can’t leave yourself at home, as they say.  So it seems I have some work to do.  If I can’t escape my problems, maybe I need to face them.  And when the major problem is yourself, then you know you’ve got your work cut out for you.

So I should probably get to work, right?

About Nathan

Hi! I am Nathan! So why am I here? That is my main question. I am fascinated by the current wave of science meeting with the philosophical questions throughout history. I am a Taoist and a disorganized dreamer who makes up new words to describe states of being and thought processes. I love to bring to you these simple yet powerful little inspirations and truths. I believe that each one of us is infinitely important and we are all connected. As Carl Sagan put it, “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” We might be all connected, but you are still you. It is your perceptions that shape your reality. So join me in changing perceptions!

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