What Am I Afraid Of? or… Do the things that fulfill you.

I have a confession.  If I love to do something that might eventually be seen or purchased by lots of people, I will procrastinate and occupy myself with things that might not make me happy and confident.  I think it makes me feel as though I am sending out pictures of me naked; I am exposing myself to the world.  So I don’t do the things that make me feel good.

I love to write.  I love to think of stories and try to tell them.  I love to have some off-kilter-but-valuable insight and to blog about it.  I have some good insights into the way change works, and am working on a book about it, but I drag my feet about it.  Tom wrote about being stuck a couple weeks ago.  I’m not stuck, but procrastinating because I am nervous about how good my writing is.  This is just plain silly, because it is good.  I do have worthwhile things to say.  My perspective is different and valid.

I believe that most people that could succeed but don’t have some of this fear of exposing themselves to the world.  This leads us to not lead fulfilling lives, always feeling that we could be more and have better existences. But mistakes are always bigger and more terrible in your own eyes.  Most other people just forget about your mistakes and focus on their own.  I have to remind myself of this at work constantly.  I am by far a harsher critic of myself than others are of me.  So what do I have to fear?  What do any of us?


About Nathan

Hi! I am Nathan! So why am I here? That is my main question. I am fascinated by the current wave of science meeting with the philosophical questions throughout history. I am a Taoist and a disorganized dreamer who makes up new words to describe states of being and thought processes. I love to bring to you these simple yet powerful little inspirations and truths. I believe that each one of us is infinitely important and we are all connected. As Carl Sagan put it, “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” We might be all connected, but you are still you. It is your perceptions that shape your reality. So join me in changing perceptions!

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